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Office Technology Management

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"One Call, One Handshake, One Vendor."

Copier, Printers & Multi-functional devices

providing maximum productivity designed for your needs

Define & control your assets

Control copy & print costs

Manage document flow and productivity

Network, IT integration services

creating maximum network efficiency

Desktop support

Remote systems support

On-site troubleshooting

Updates and patch management

Total Technology Management

Imaging - Data - Voice Video Communications

Growth Through:

Technology optimization

Workflow automation

Visual collaboration

Data & property security

Please contact us for information on copier Sales/Leasing, Rentals and/or Maintenance Service Contracts. If you currently own your own machine, we offer Maintenance Service Contracts and rates will vary on depending on various factors like type and condition of machine.  If you  would like to purchase or lease a new or used machine, our Vice President of Sales, Tim, will be happy to assist you in getting you the right machine for your needs. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing, please think about some of the questions below:

 Model and Year of machine? (For Maintenance/Service contracts)
 Is your machine or do you want color or black and white?
 Do you scan to desktop, email or to a network folder?
 Do you want to scan to .pdf or .tiff files?
 Do you want scanning capabilities?
 Does your machine or do you want a machine to copy or print on 2    sides?
 Does your machine fax or do you want faxing capabilities?
 Do you use, or do you want paperless fax capabilities?
   (Fax to email: send or receive)
 Does your machine or do you want a machine to staple?
 Does your machine or do you want a machine that sorts or collates?